Native ads have higher attention, brand love, and higher purchasing power than regular banner ads.

The form of Paid Media which is created similar to the main content on the website so that it can attract attention of user without any objection

  • Analyze user’s behavior through big data algorithm
  • Populate audience and provide ‘look a like’ interest grouping and modeling for ad distribution
  • Prioritize high performing media and filter out low
  • performing media as traffic source

"Personalization, Automation, and Machine Learning are the core technologies that make Native Ads a powerful solution"


We analyse user behaviour to make even more accurate recommendations.

Technical dominance


  • Data was collected over a long period through content recommendation.
  • Detailed content analysis through AI.

Accurate reporting

  • Integration with 3rd party tools for data transparency.
  • Filter invalid clicks through our Fraud Detection technology.

Brand safety

● Access to 160+ Indonesian premium publishers.

● Strict internalcontent quality inspection.